Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited

( A Govt. of Jharkhand undertaking )

CIN No. U40101JH1987SGC013153



  • TVNL offers an excellent opportunity to grow as a super thermal power plant in the State of Jharkhand
  • In the local area of TTPS, setting up on medium and heavy industries based on the power requirements with 20km range is possible. This will offer substantial growth of industries with assurance of quality power. This further holds the seed for local employment at large scale
  • TVNL holds the key to future of Jharkhand, as it promises as a major source of electricity supply. Considering the vision of TVNL to expand up to 1550 MW, the significance portion of requirement of electricity of Jharkhand will be met by TVNL
  • The requirement of coal will be 60 lacks tones for the second stage of expansion. Presently the coal requirement is fulfilled through supplies from CCL collieries. However, the substantial growth of coal by TVNL can be met through captive coal mines. Government of India, Ministry of Energy, in its recent policy has enabled power sector to acquire and run its own captive miens of coal . TVNL has decided to acquire captive coal blocks and collieries. Substantial economy shall be achieved from captive coal mines. It has been estimated that not less than 18 crores per power generating unit will be the saving amount. The synchronizing of 150 crores on the cost of coal, which comprises of 40% of cost of generation of power.
  • Scope of expansion already exists. The land acquired at the beginning is sufficient for immediate expansion f or stage II & stage III.
  • The sale of energy is assured due to big gap of demand and supply in Jharkhand and also eastern region and outside eastern region.
  • Scenic beauty of the plant area.

  • Weakness

  • Government of Bihar incorporated TVNL an its registered office is at Patna. This has been taken over by government of Jharkhand in May 2001. As government of Bihar, all records and other disputed the owner ship of the company information has still not been transferred to TVNL Head quarters now at Jharkhand. This issue has since been resolved by central government.
  • Due to above reasons projects like MGR envisaged in the original plan could not progress, even after execution of 80% of its works. TVNL HAS NOW ACTIVELY TAKEN UP THIS PROEJCT. This will soon be operative and substantial reduction in cost of transportation of coal shall be achieved.

  • Threats

  • Local disturbance due to political reason pose problem to smooth running of plant and also prohibits entry of talented manpower for future recruitment for running the plant.
  • For transportation of coal, the road from Lalpania to east Bokaro mines is not good. Government of Jharkhand may like to consider it as important to give support to the vision of TVNL.