Ash Disposal Reports

Ash Disposal Report

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Details of Ash utilization during the Month of December 2021
SI NO. Name of Ash Disposal Area Ash disposal area in Hectare Design Life of Ash disposal area Pond Ash Availability in MT (up to 25 . 01 2022 ) Ash Generated in MT during the December 2021
ESP Fly Ash Bottom Ash
Ash Utilized in MT during December 2021
Dry ESP Fly Ash Bottom Ash Pond Ash
Pond Ash Availability in MT( up to 30.04.2017)
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)   (6)            (7)   (8)              (9)            (10) (11)
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SI NO. Area of Utilization For the Month (December 2021) Ash utilized in MT Cummulative for Year (FY 22-23) Ash Utilized in MT
Dry ESP Fly Ash Bottom Ash Pond Ash Dry ESP Fly Ash Bottom Ash Pond Ash
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Bottom ash -collected from the bottom of furnace
Dry ESP Fly Ash - Colected from ESP and stored in Silo
Pond Ash - Fly ash and bottom ashStored in Pond
CLSM - Controlled Low strength Material