Awards & Achievements

Physical Achievements during last few Financial Years

  •   Highest one day generation/PLF:10.38 MU/102.98% on 23.10.2011.

  •   TTPS achieved monthly plant Load Factor (PLF) of 90.20% during the month of Feb’2013.

  •   TTPS achieved highest Annual Generation of 2924.87 MU at a plant Load Factor (PLF)of 79.50% during the FY 2012-13 which is a record since its inception.

  •   Unit No. I:
    1. Highest one day Generation/PLF: 5.19 MU /102.98% on 23.10.2011.
    2. Highest Monthly PLF: 100.68% in Feb’2012.
    3. Highest Monthly Station Loading Factor: 100.70% in Feb’2012.

  •   Unit No. II:
    1. Highest one day Generation/PLF: 5.19 MU/102.98% ON 23.10.2011.
    2. Highest Monthly Loading Factor:100.16% in Feb’2012.

  •   Allocation of the coal block Rajbar E&D for TVNL

  •   State Cabinet has accorded approval for installation of TTPS expansion project of 2X660 MW super critical units at TTPS, Lalpania.

  •   TTPS achieved Annual Generation of 2636.51 MU during the F.Y. 2015-16 at a Plant Load Factor (PLF) of 71.46% which is above national average.

  •   Rail transportation of coal to TTPS has been successfully operationalized since Oct’2015.

  •   SAP ERP system introduced wef 01.04.2016 for transparent operations.