Environmental Protection

In order to ensure effective implementation of the above, TVNL ensures that the following practices are adopted regularly:

  •   Complying with the requirements and spirit of applicable environmental laws and striving to exceed required level of compliance wherever feasible;

  •   Ensuring that employees acquire the necessary skills to meet environmental standards;

  •   Conserving natural resources by improving efficiency and reducing wastages;

  •   Making business decisions that aim towards sustainable development;

Initiatives undertaken for environment friendly operation

    The following key initiatives have been undertaken by TVNL in pursuit of the Environmental protection:

    1. Pollution Control System: TVNL has integrated many environmental friendly provisions into plant design. The following state of the art pollution control system devices have been installed to control air pollution:
      1. Well-designed Electrostatic Precipitators for controlling the stack emission
      2. Ash Dykes and Ash Handling System
      3. Up gradation and retrofitting of Pollution Control Systems

    2. Water Pollution Control: System Necessary measures are adopted to conserve water and to avoid the contamination of soil and water bodies in the power station adjoining area.

    3. Ash Utilization: Currently, TVNL has tied-up with brick manufacturer for taking around 17,000 MT/month of ash from bottom of ESP Hoppers. Ash is currently being used to fill low lying areas. Also, TVNL has written letter to RCD of Jharkhand department to use the ash free of cost. TVNL has also approached CCL for using ash to fill their abandoned mines.

    4. Installation of Solar Rooftop project: As a part of the Green Initiative, one 45 kWp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Plant on Net Metering Basis as been installed at a school at Lalpania.